EST. TIME: 24 hours including cure time
COST: Starts at $1095
ABOUT: Of all the Gtechniq coating services we offer, this is the most frequently requested! This treatment begins with a complete application of C1 Crystal Lacquer which cures for approximately 14 hours or until maximum solidity is achieved. We then “stack” an application of Gtechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating for even more scratch resistance & hydrophobicy! EXO creates a slick, self-cleaning membrane that will wick away dirt & contaminants, keeping your car cleaner in between the occasional hand wash. With a stacked application of C1 and EXO, you won’t have to worry about waxing or sealing your car for years to come, ensuring it always looks its best with minimal effort or expense.


  • C1 + EXO dual layer (stacked) application

NOTE: Detailing services and necessary paint correction will be billed additionally to any exterior coating treatment. Warranty covers re-application if necessary to due storage conditions, but will not be applicable in cases of neglect, abuse, or improper upkeep.



Gtechniq treatments are designed to combine with most exterior and interior details. Mix & match for the perfect clean!



Stack multiple Gtechniq treatments to achieve maximum protection & added brilliance! Inquire about the benefits.



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