Gtechniq soft top protecion


EST. TIME: 2 hours
COST: Starts at $150
ABOUT: Even though we’re one of the rainiest states around, Washington is still home to a ton of convertibles. Our Soft-Top Protection treatment consists of Gtechniq‘s bio-degradable, environmentally friendly coating of C4 for vinyl, or I1 for cloth tops. This convertible top cleaner does a great job of deep cleaning, and they’re specially formulated to not discolor your top and breathe a little life back into its appearance. After a thorough cleaning, Gtechniq is applied to improve UV protection and add a durable hydrophobic coating to help keep your top drier & cleaner for longer. This service is also desirable for new vehicles to prevent weathering, and to extend the life of any soft-top convertible. We recommended this as a bi-annual treatment.

NOTE: Does not include any supplementary detailing or paint correction services. Detailing services and necessary paint correction will be billed additionally to any exterior coating treatment.



Gtechniq treatments are designed to combine with most exterior and interior details. Mix & match for the perfect clean!



Stack multiple Gtechniq treatments to achieve maximum protection & added brilliance! Inquire about the benefits.



Shoot us an e-mail, or submit a request for a Gtechniq consultation & lock in a time slot. Reservations go quick, so act now!