Gtechniq Wheel Armour


EST. TIME: 3-4 hours
COST: $300
ABOUT: Designed to outlast all other wheel sealants & waxes, the protection provided by Wheel Armor is unmatched. Whether dirty wheels are your biggest pet peeve, or the fear of brake dust corrosion has you washing your set more often than you would like, trust that Wheel Armor will give you the protection & peace of mind you’re looking for. This treatment includes removal, surface prep, and application of Gtechniq Wheel Armor. One application provides protection for up to 18 months from road grime, brake dust, and even light surface scratches.

NOTE: Does not include any supplementary detailing or paint correction services. Detailing services and necessary paint correction will be billed additionally to any exterior coating treatment.



Gtechniq treatments are designed to combine with most exterior and interior details. Mix & match for the perfect clean!



Stack multiple Gtechniq treatments to achieve maximum protection & added brilliance! Inquire about the benefits.



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