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As everyone knows, aesthetic upkeep on any vehicle is usually easier said than done. Routine maintenance is one thing, but sustaining a pristine appearance requires a certain level of devotion to car care, while only utilizing the best products available. We’ve experimented with a wide range of sealant options & coating systems but were never truly satisfied with the results or durability; then we found Gtechniq.

Based out of the UK, Gtechniq produces a well-rounded collection of industry leading surface care products and coating technology that utilizes the most recent advancements in nano-scale composite materials, providing a result that completely outshines the competition both in clarity and consistency. By pioneering the Smart Surface Science technology, Gtechniq is able to provide any vehicle with unmatched levels of hydrophobicity & protection on nearly every type of substrate, from paint, to plastic, leather, vinyl, fabric or glass. Gtechniq products have been rigorously tested to extremes to guarantee that Gtechniq will deliver the best possible results, with more life span & surface quality than anything else out there, which means your car stays cleaner, longer.

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