Gtechniq Smart Glass


EST. TIME: 2-3 hours
COST: Starts at $200 ($75 for windshield only)
ABOUT: With the Smart Glass treatment, all exterior windows will receive a stacked application of G1 ClearVision and get treated with G2 Residue Remover. By increasing the hydrophobicity of the glass surfaces, this coating will improve outward visibility, keep your windows cleaner, and makes bugs, ice, & road grime easily removable. Smart Glass is completely streak free, and totally wiper blade proof. Other water repelling coatings are “wipe on, wipe off,” and only as strong as the physical bond they carry to a nonporous surface. Smart Glass relies on a chemical bond which ensures adhesion of the coating to your glass, providing around 10-20k miles of longevity & allowing you to see clearer no matter what the forecast!

NOTE: Does not include any supplementary detailing or paint correction services. Detailing services and necessary paint correction will be billed additionally to any exterior coating treatment.



Gtechniq treatments are designed to combine with most exterior and interior details. Mix & match for the perfect clean!



Stack multiple Gtechniq treatments to achieve maximum protection & added brilliance! Inquire about the benefits.



Shoot us an e-mail, or submit a request for a Gtechniq consultation & lock in a time slot. Reservations go quick, so act now!