Protecting original paint is a top priority for us as detailers. From the most entry-level daily driver, to modern day hyper cars, every vehicle deserves the best paint protection film available. That’s why we install XPEL Ultimate & Stealth PPF! It’s the strongest film in the industry with the best finish quality, utilizing a self-healing top coat that ensures your vehicle’s paint will always look its best. For more info on our XPEL paint protection packages, check out the service listing in the menu above, and be sure to read through our PPF FAQs below!


What is a clear bra?

What are the benefits of having a clear bra on my vehicle?

What are the down sides to clear bra?

I have heard there are several major companies who offer the clear bra film, which do you use and why?

What is the XPEL Ultimate film warranty?

Can Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film be installed on a vehicle that has had the paint touched up?

What if I want to remove Xpel Ultimate film? Should I worry about the paint being damaged?

Is it possible to cover the whole vehicle with Paint Protection Film?

Is it possible to cover vinyl graphics with Paint Protection Film?

Can Paint Protection Film be used on headlights and fog lights?

Does Xpel Paint Protection Film resist yellowing?

Who does the installation, and how accurate are your kits?

Can I wax XPEL Paint Protection Film?

What sets NWAS paint protection apart from the competitors?

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