MB S65 AMG XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Prestige Spectra PhotoSync Window Tint Gtechniq EXO Seattle Bellevue Lynnwood

A brand new Mercedes S65 AMG receives the royal treatment at NorthWest Auto Salon, including XPEL Ultimate PPF, PhotoSync window tint, and Gtechniq EXO.


Here at Northwest Auto Salon we believe in providing our customers with a broad selection of window tint options to suite their needs. From the most basic aesthetic upgrade like Sun-Gard Shadow to top-tier film from Prestige Film Technologies, we’ve tested & selected every tint we install, so you’re sure to end up with a quality product & an installation that lasts. Have questions or having trouble finding the right film for you? Check out our window tint FAQs below & don’t hesitate to contact us with questions!


What is window tint?

Why do I want tinted windows on my vehicle?

How does window tint work & stay on?

I have heard tinting windows can cause issues with cell phone and GPS reception. Does your film do this?

I've called several shops in the area and received cheaper quotes for window tint. Why is NWAS more expensive?

Can you install my own tint kit for me?

How long does window tint take to install? Should I hang out for awhile?

I just got my windows tinted. How long do they need to stay rolled up for?

My old window tint turned purple & bubbled out. Is this going to be a problem with NWAS window tint options?

Do you offer mobile window tinting service?

I see rainbows in my window tint when I have polarized glasses on. Is this a common problem?

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