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Thanks to NWAS
I just wish I had better pictures to help illustrate how good these guys are. Took in my Range Rover Supercharged for a detail and ended up getting more than I had anticipated. Can’t tell you how nice it is to have a loaner at a detail shop. Their Smart Car gave me more looks than I get in the Rover!?! I swear people are nicer to you when they see you in such a tiny car. BTW: That little guy is pretty fun to drive actually, Im impressed

Blake is the man.. as he custom painted my side vents and front grill a matte black finish to complete the ‘Darkness’ look I’m going for. The details are what sets these guys apart and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone in the area. Fantastic people, products and expertise. Ben, Blake and the rest of the crew at NorthWest Auto Salon.. thank you.
On a side note, the car was required to go offroad the following day. Mud everywhere.. I mean EVERYWHERE. damn my timing! Damn the NW weather!


***Thanks again for coming in, and as a side note, if any of you customers out there have made a post on a forum and want to have pictures included on our blog as well, feel free to email me the link and I will get it posted as soon as I can! Hope you enjoy


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