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We were honored, that Jen from CarDomain allowed us to wash her beloved Escort GT the day we were filming a video in cooperation with QuakerState and for an upcoming series of videos regarding proper auto care, here she made a blog post about how hard it was to let us wash her car 🙂

“I’ve never let another human being wash my Escort GT since getting tri-stage candy paint nearly four years ago. However, when we were shooting video last week at NorthWest Auto Salon, I totally let Blake’s crew of crack detailing genuises get their mitts (literally) all over it. But, you know, that’s because it’s Northwest Auto Salon–they detail million-dollar supercars for a living, and I am in awe at their skills, not to mention their tact in refraining from making any more fun of my Escort than they did.

So, while the car-wash rule is clearly out the window, there are still, dammit, things I would never let another person do on my car, at least not out of my sight. For example, I will never let anyone else change the oil on any of my cars–for such a simple task that most shops, even the good ones, relegate to only their most ham-handed flunky, there are just way too many ways to mess it up. And most of them are potentially catastrophic.

How about you? What is your single bottom line over-my-dead-body procedure for which you’d never entrust your vehicle to another person?”

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