As many of you know, NWAS sponsored the PAWSWalk a few weeks back (check out that write up HERE).

Here at NWAS, we detail EVERYTHING. From Pet Hair filled cars to Minivan Kid haulers. Here’s a writeup that shows our ability to tackle even the most “hairy” of jobs.

While at our booth, a woman came up to us and inquired about having the interior of her vehicle cleaned. She said it was so bad that she was actually embarrassed to bring it in. After she explained her last experience with another detail shop whom told her that his employees almost quit while working on her car, I wanted to make sure that this customer was well taken care of. Ben and Blake both own dogs and travel with them everywhere, so the guys here at NWAS know how to keep cars tip top, even when pet hair is present. When I walked into the shop yesterday morning, Blake pointed at a silver Pontiac Vibe and said “PAWSWalk car.” As I looked in the window I immediately remembered the woman at the event describing the state of her car. We didn’t know what to expect, but were glad she gave us warning. The interior of the car literally looked like it was alive. From in the spare tire compartment to inside the armrest; Dog hair blanketed every inch of this vehicles interior. The guys definitely had their work cut out for them today…

The interior detail started with our Interior Detail PLUS and the customer requested we spent a bit of extra time with the dog hair, which we would definitely need to get this puppy clean. We dismantled the entire rear cargo area to allow us access to areas where dog hair had found its way in. Out came the spare tire, and everything else while we also unbolted the front seats to allow us best access to the rear seating surfaces and under seat areas. We started with a very thorough vacuum and moved to a compressed air method of cleaning the headliner, focusing in the backseat and rear cargo headliner. We broke out our hot water extractor and steamer to address stubborn areas on carpets, floor mats and upholstery. We had around 15 man hours spent on the interior of this detail and the customer was blown away upon picking it up, how clean it was as well as she didn’t hear one complaint come out of our mouths, cause we know pets happen and we were happy to have helped out another pet owner. Hope you enjoy the writeup.


The dog hair even somehow made its way into the arm rest!

Pulling the seats to get more complete access to the interior



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One thought on “Pet Hair Removal Interior Detail Steamclean Carpet Shampoo Pontiac Vibe”

  1. Yolanda says:

    This is my car and let me say how fantastic NWAS is in all ways: customer service, friendly spirit, go to attitude and professionalism. Each time I get in my car I now have a smile on my face, it’s as clean as the day it rolled off the factory floor, incredible! The dogs are back in it and I will be making more regular trips to NWAS now that I know they won’t shriek when I enter.
    Kuddos to you all!

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