Track-ready performance straight off the lot is not a new concept to Dodge. Since ’92, the Viper has been pushing the envelope for American-made exotic-level performance without an insane price tag to boot. Many would argue the Viper is part of a dying breed, but one thing’s for sure: the black ACR that visited recently has plenty of life left in it.

Like many well-loved automobiles, this particular Gen 4 had seen its fair share of road time & collected quite a few battle scars along the way. When it arrived, we knew we were in for some serious correction & fresh paint protection to ensure that the Viper ACR would look its best for years to come. With the hand wash, clay bar decontamination & XPEL prep out of the way, Thomas set to work on an intensive 3-stage paint correction known as our Connoisseur exterior detail before following up with a Ceramic Pro Gold protective coating package.


Typically we recommend a minimum 2-stage correction as a baseline for any dark colored car, but this Viper ACR was seeking the best possible result per dollar. When dealing with paint that’s showing as many deep scratches & swirls as the Viper was, only our most robust paint correction methods will restore the clear coat to its original form. Just look at that 50/50 – exactly the type of results that ought to be protected with the help of Ceramic Pro & XPEL ULTIMATE.

To round out the Viper ACR’s exterior reconditioning treatment, we went the extra mile to try & bring some life back into the 5-spoke SRT wheels as best we could. Once each wheel was scrubbed free of dirt & brake dust build-up, they received a quick corrective buff, polish, and a single layer of Ceramic Pro 9H protective coating .


While the correction achieved on the Viper’s wheels wasn’t as drastic as that rendered by our Connoisseur detail, the end result is a vast improvement from their previous state. Now, thanks to Ceramic Pro, the wheels will continue shine like the first day they rolled out of the showroom with just a little routine cleaning & care.

With the exterior completely corrected, the time had come to install a fresh Full Frontal XPEL ULTIMATE PPF package. XPEL is an industry leader when it comes to paint protection film, and ULTIMATE is by far the best option for track stars like the Viper ACR thanks to its manufacturer-backed 10 year warranty and unrivaled self-healing nature.

Once the paint protection was fully cured up, we slipped the Dodge Viper ACR into the photo studio for a few glamour shots. Rumor has it that the owner initially came in with the intention to sell the car upon completion of the detail, so if you happen to see some of these images floating around on the Viper forums, you can rest assured knowing it’s been well cared for & properly protected.

Head on, there’s no denying the Viper ACR’s aggressive nature. The large carbon splitter, vented hood, and single driver’s side stripe that leads back to its massive rear wing ought to be more than an indicator to onlookers that this Dodge was built for speed. Considering how limited the production numbers are on the Viper ACRs, one can only assume that these track-ready monsters will become all that more desirable as time goes by. Now, thanks to our Full Frontal XPEL paint protection package and the additional protection added from the Ceramic Pro Gold coating package, this sinister snake can charge down any front straight at full throttle without worry for years to come!

The extra time allotted to shine up the Viper’s wheels was definitely worth it. The freshly polished & waxed 5-spokes look almost wet to the touch, glistening like new thanks to 9H.

Inside the Viper ACR it’s business as usual. The interior was in pretty good shape upon arrival, showing very few signs of aging aside from some minor dirt & grime build-up, but there’s always room for improvement. With the help of our Interior Plus detail treatment, the carpets & upholstery feel as fresh as when they left the factory, with leather that’s supple and well conditioned. In near OEM form,  a simple carbon inlay on the center console  & a red “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” safety strap on the key are just enough of an addition to spice up the cabin.

From the rear, the Dodge’s large but fully functional wing towers over the back end of the car with serious presence. While it might seem a bit over the top to anyone that’s not familiar with the performance an ACR is capable of, it’s entirely necessary for keeping that wide, curvaceous rear end glued to the road.


The Viper ACR is definitely one of those cars that falls into the “insanity with a warranty” category, much like a Callaway Corvette or even the Challenger Hellcat. Sure, anyone can drive one off the lot, but we can only imagine the amount of patience it must take to tame this sort of snake. Maybe one of these days we’ll make it down to Bondurant Racing School & take a little test drive for ourselves!


Once delivery day rolled around, it was time to let the Viper out of the nest. The guys spent some time going over every nook & cranny out in front of the shop,, dusting the car down for the trip home.


Out in the piercing sunlight, the level of correction & shine provided by our Connoisseur exterior detail with the addition of a Ceramic Pro Gold coating treatment rang true. Free of all the deep swirls & scratches that plagued its paint previously, the Dodge Viper ACR looked better than ever.


Many automotive enthusiasts & Dodge fans may not even realize it, but these cars are actually quite rare in terms of production numbers. If our calculations are correct, this particular Dodge Viper ACR may very well be one of only 13 black single strip cars made; little did we know, less than 700 ’09 Vipers were built in total. All the more reason to keep looking perfected & protected for years to come!

Own a Viper of your very own or just feeling ready to experience a higher standard of auto detail? Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about the benefits of Full Frontal paint protection, Ceramic Pro protective coatings, or the level of correction & cleanliness that can be achieved on your vehicle with one of our many detailing & reconditioning package.

Thanks for reading!

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