From makes & models to styling preferences or personalization, here at NWAS we all have quite diverse tastes in every facet of automotive. As of late, two squad members have been making some major changes to their daily driver situations. With both cars reaching a comfortable stopping point for the time being, it only seemed right that we share a status update on some of the latest squad projects.


For starters, resident detailer Josh’s R32 has received quite a few aesthetic modifications recently. As some of you may have spotted on the Leavenworth Drive in June, it’s hard to ignore the bright white Fifteen52 Turbomacs sitting snugly in the R32’s arches. Along with the wheel update, Josh also installed a fresh set of headlights, tail lamps, and a lower front lip.


Fifteen52’s fanned, 5-spoke Turbomacs are a perfect fit for the R32, but white & blue is always a great exterior combo for any tuner car. Josh’s Volkswagen is a perfect example of how some fresh wheels & a few minimal modifications can make any daily driver look & feel like a whole new machine.


Want to see more of Josh’s R32? Head over to his personal IG @zeraikko or keep your eyes peeled for a clean, blue VW with white Turbomacs on the move around the Pacific NorthWest. It’s probably him.


Away from the glossy end of the spectrum, the ever-growing popularity of XPEL STEALTH wraps seems to be reaching just about every market segment of automotive these days. In between Full Frontal ULTIMATE installs & a Total Coverage STEALTH wrap on the G63 pictured above, our wrap director Tim procured himself a new daily driver in need of some satiny sleekness. After a few near sleepless nights, the patterning & wrap on his brand new Toyota Corolla S is now completed.


The end result is an eye-catching improvement over the factory finish, especially once de-badged. To top the update off, Tim also mixed in Prestige Film Technologies SPH35 window tint, satin carmine red lip accents, plus a gloss black wrap on the roof & rear wing.


The gloss black vinyl wrap definitely gives the Corolla S a bit more of a refined appearance, like a well tinted panorama roof. While we haven’t received a ton of requests to customize a Corolla S in the past, perhaps Tim’s daily driver debut will stir up some interest. As far as we know right now, it’s the only STEALTH wrapped Corolla S around!



Interested in treating your own daily driver to a Total Coverage XPEL STEALTH wrap or looking for some minor modifications to personalize its look? Don’t hesitate to reach out for a quote or to schedule a customization consultation at our facility.

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