Ozone shock treatment is a process in which an Ozone Generator is placed inside the vehicle and with the use of high voltage electricity turns Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3) which eliminates the vehicle’s interior environment which would normally be conducive for germs, viruses and fungi. This is a great as an odor elimination process. The vehicle is also run with the A/C and re-circulatory function to ensure HVAC neutralization. More extensive Ozone treatments for long-term periods and extensive odors can also be discussed upon scheduling.

  • Intensive OZONE interior shock treatment designed to neutralize cabin odors
Ozone treatments are recommended after receiving an interior detail, whether it’s a Plus or Deluxe. Prior services will insure the entire interior of your vehicle is deep cleaned before to the Ozone Treatment takes place, resulting in no further contaminants being present during the odor cleanse process. If odor persists, please consider an Interior Deluxe & HVAC cleanse. No cleaning is associated with this service! OZONE does not remove the cause of the smell but rather kills any organic matter possibly causing the odor.



Augment any interior detailing service to allot extra time for specifics, or bundle it with an additional exterior service & cover all your bases.



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