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PRESTIGE SPECTRA PHOTOSYNC IRD – Infrared radiation dispersion technology 30-70% VLT AVAILABLE)

4-6 hours, scheduling permitted.
Starts at $800+
The most advanced automotive window film that exists is the Spectra PhotoSync IRD Series. Utilizing the latest dispersion nano-technology this tint has the highest solar energy rejection properties on the market. Once the film is applied, the vehicle will possess 99.5% rejection of harmful UV, up to 80% of total solar energy is rejected and up to 99% of Infrared radiation is blocked from you, your loved ones and your interior. We love this film because of its heat rejection properties, all while retaining an impressively light and clear shade for maximum outbound visibility.

The solar spectrum consists of 3 main properties: Ultraviolet, visible light, and Infrared Rays (IR). IR accounts for 53% of the spectrum, so PhotoSync’s high 98-99% IR rejection rate serves as a constant measure of product performance. The technological advances of Prestige’s coatings allows for high performance of PhotoSync™ without the use of any metallics, which means no interference of wireless transmission signals (e.g. GPS, cell signals, radio waves, key-less entry systems, satellite, etc.) PhotoSync will continuously produce up to 98-99% IR rejection between 950nm-2500nm. This film also rejects 99.5% of ultraviolet rays (both UVA and UVB), which means occupants, interior materials & components of your vehicle are protected from harmful UV rays. Spectra PhotoSync is available in the following shade series: SPH30, SPH45, SPH55 and SPH70. Click here to learn more about Prestige Film Technologies Spectra PhotoSync window tint film from the manufacturer’s website.

  • TWO FRONT WINDOWS: $350.00
  • WINDSHIELD ONLY: $500.00+
  • TINT REMOVAL: $125/HR (average full car tint removal is 3 hours, each car is case-by-case basis.)
This is our top-tier window tint film. Prestige Film Technologies Spectra PhotoSync is most commonly requested on high-end & luxury vehicles. This window film is recommended for owners who are seeking the most out of their “in-cabin” experience thanks to unmatched levels of heat rejection & retention, a flexible range of outbound visibility, and exceptional film clarity.

Want to replace your current window tint? Don’t let old, faded, and bubbled film plague your windows any longer! Schedule removal of your aged window tint & upgrade to Prestige Spectra PhotoSync. Window tint removal starts at $125/hour with a minimum of one hour billed. Contact us for more info.


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