It’s official: #FullTintFriday has grown beyond its means. In an effort to support client requests for installations all week long, we’re now hiring on an exceptional, experienced window tint installer to assist with growth.

Ferrari 458 Speciale New Car Detail, Window Tint, XPEL PPF - auto detailing Seattle

A Ferrari 458 Speciale receiving Prestige Film Technologies Spectra PhotoSync window tint, installed by NorthWest Auto Salon. NWAS is Seattle’s source for Spectra PhotoSync & the best window tint installations!

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5+ years experience installing window tint films of every variety, from top manufacturers like Prestige Film Technologies, to funky, dyed films intended entirely for aesthetic purposes — no brand allegiances please. This position is intended to be full-time, as appointments may increase drastically upon hiring, but we are willing to consider part-time applicants for the right reasons. Candidates for this position need to have a good attitude towards a heavy workload, a presentable appearance, and calm, cool, collected demeanor.

MB S65 AMG XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Prestige Spectra PhotoSync Window Tint Gtechniq EXO Seattle Bellevue Lynnwood

A brand new Mercedes S65 AMG receives the royal treatment at NorthWest Auto Salon, including XPEL Ultimate PPF, PhotoSync window tint, and Gtechniq EXO.

Our workspace & shop environment is clean, and well-lit. Our schedule is paced for quality & excellence above all. As an employee of NWAS, you will be expected to take your time with each installation  regardless of the film type, brand, or the vehicle you may be working on. We hold our work to the highest standards in the industry & want every customer to leave with a sense of absolute satisfaction after having their vehicle serviced at our facility. You must be capable of working on or around rare & exotic cars, luxury vehicles, and daily drivers equally, without preference for procedure. Here at NWAS, we believe all cars deserve to be properly cared for regardless of make or model – the quality and consistency of our work is always is 2nd to none.

Prestige Film Technologies Spectra PhotoSync window tint installed on a Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Ghibli receives a full car wrap in XPEL Stealth paint protection film & Prestige Film Technologies Spectra PhotoSync window tint.

For interested candidates: film plotting, paint protection & vehicle wrap handling experience may also be very beneficial to your employment. Installation tools & equipment are not required, but will be accounted for. We are a tight-knit team who work closely with one another to ensure all deadlines are met – sometimes, that means assisting with installs or applications in other sectors of the shop. Compensation for this position is flexible, with options for hourly, commission, or salary based on your experience and abilities.

If you would like to be considered for this position, please send a well written, personalized cover letter & resume free of grammatical errors to Drop-ins are welcome, but come prepared and please be understanding as customers are a priority.

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