It’s that time of year again folks — car meet season has officially arrived, and with it, comes the return of Exotics @ Redmond Town Center. If you’re not familiar with E@RTC, it’s the NorthWest’s very own informal “Cars & Coffee” style gathering that takes place every Saturday from around 9 AM to 11 give or take now that the weather is starting to cooperate. The turnout has been growing stronger & stronger every year, with a wider variety of vehicles showing up than ever before; Saturday’s season opener was no exception.


Upon popping over around nine, it was clear that the first gathering of the year was already well underway as cars filed in & filled out most of the auxiliary parking lots on the outskirts of the Center.


Car spotters & spectators huddled in droves around the entry as E@RTC volunteers quickly moved vehicles into the dwindling available spaces.


Diversity at the opener was definitely an all time high. While many E@RTC attendees come for the supercar eye candy, it’s the eclectic mashup up cars on display that’s the real winner of the meet ups. While it’s good to keep emphasis on “Exotics” at RTC, a few automotive oddities strewn about always keep it from growing stale. Anyone can google photos of just about every car imaginable these days or just snap one up with their cellphone, but it’s seeing them all together in one place that makes a memory.


Slipping through the crowds & weaving between row after row of vehicles, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed and miss what cars might be making a first appearance. On the far side of a lot nestled next to a handful of other Maseratis, we found our most recent XPEL STEALTH wrap, the satin gold accented MC SportLine.


Tucked back amongst a few lightly modified AMGs sat a pair of  Mercedes-Benz 190E EVOs, both first & second generation, neither of which we’ve seen the likes of around the Pacific NorthWest. Rumor has it these beauties almost got turned away at the entrance after being mistaken for a couple of regular old run-of-the-mill family sedans – fortunately they found some room for ’em.


Moving deeper into the thick of Exotics @ Redmond Town Center, the streets were littered somewhat categorically with arrays of autos from Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari, with a few odds & ends mixed in.


We noticed quite a few GT3s & GT4s on display, but no brand spanking new RS to be seen unfortunately. Hopefully someone will bring an Ultraviolet one around soon!



Dead center was a bit of a  bull ring with a broad selection of Lamborghini’s latest offerings on display along with an assortment of other exotics, a new Tesla Model X, and even a rare Aston Martin DBR2.



Hopefully a few of these beauties make their way out to the 9th Annual Red Square Charity Car Show at UW coming up next month!


All proceeds for RSCS9 go towards benefiting the Progressive Animal Welfare Society, helping ensure proper care for dogs, cats, and just about everything in between all over the NorthWest. Be on the lookout for NWAS street team promoting this year’s event at E@RTC right up until showtime if you have any questions about it, and be sure to get signed up soon as space is limited. Thanks for reading & check out the official Exotics at Redmond Town Center website or Facebook page for even more awesome weekly coverage!


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