Roughly 4 years have passed since Model S production throttled up. Despite a few setbacks, litigations & direct sale qualms, Tesla Motors is showing no signs of slowing down. While the Model X is rolling out nationwide and the Model 3’s preorders  are selling like hotcakes, a newly facelifted Tesla Model S has quietly slipped into the lineup. Grill-less in all its glory, a redesigned fascia has done wonders for modernizing the Model S even more.

Facelifted Tesla Model S at NWAS

So far this summer we’ve had an array of Tesla’s finest come through the shop. Xs & Ss have visited for a variety of  XPEL paint protection packages and coating treatments, but one particular 90D got bit more personalized. Along with our standard New Car Detail, this late model Tesla also got decked out in a satin black chrome delete, a Total Coverage XPEL ULTIMATE PPF package, plus a combination of Prestige’s Ceraluxe Quantum 20 & PhotoSync 75 window tint!

Facelifted Tesla Model S at NorthWest Auto Salon

Even the most factory fresh Midnight Silver Metallic Model S will benefit from the polish provided by our New Car Detail package. Of course, such a pristine exterior necessitates ultimate protection, and our Total Coverage XPEL PPF package, which covers nearly every inch on the Model S offers exactly that.

Avery’s satin black vinyl wrap film has been a constant favorite at NWAS for chrome deletion, and this 90D is the perfect example as to why. A satin black trim treatment gives the 90D a low profile “night styling” type feel. The Tesla’s front badge, fascia trim, lower grills, mirror stems, wheel centers, rear trim & emblems have all been blacked out, with spec badging removed as well. Even the factory rear tail light housings are smoked!

Facelifted Tesla Model S at NorthWest Auto Salon

Coupled with the strong shade provided by CLX20 window tint, the blacked out trim & back end has got to put this Model S in the running for being one of the sleekest Teslas in the Seattle area.

Under overcast skies, Metallic Midnight Silver shines like the perfect combination of graphite grey & the original Tesla Dark Blue. We can only imagine that the base color would look equally awesome treated to an XPEL STEALTH wrap. In natural light, the freshly installed combo of Prestige Film Technologies Ceraluxe & PhotoSync window tint films add a perfect level of privacy and protection without reducing outbound visibility.

Facelifted Tesla Model S at NorthWest Auto Salon

Given that the co-pilot of this 90D is none other than a young Weimaraner, it seemed only fitting that we add small dual layer “grey ghost” sticker on the rear quarter glass using matte black & the very same satin black the Tesla is trimmed with. Rumor has it the Model S will also be receiving a personalized plate that runs with the theme, but you’ll have to spot it for yourself!

Facelifted Tesla Model S at NorthWest Auto Salon

With a seal of approval from the pup, we said our “good boys” and sent the facelifted Tesla Model S on its way. There’s no doubt we’ve grown fonder of the redesigned Model S front end during its stay at the shop, and it will be interesting to see how the grill-less nature of Tesla’s current design language progresses with the model lineage. Will we ever see a smooth-faced Roadster re-released? Only time will tell.

Taking delivery of a new Tesla Model S soon? Be sure to inquire about the benefits of having XPEL paint protection installed or stop by to check out the variety of window tint and vinyl wrap films we stock for creating your own personalized look.

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