If you’re familiar with the type of vehicles that we love to feature here at NWAS, chances are you’ve noticed that we hold a special place in our gasoline powered hearts for just about any automobile of a unique hue.  We love to see a vehicle spec’d for personal flare, representing marquee history, or just attempting something unexpected. Sure, an oddball paint color might mean certain death for potential resale values — but when it works, it really works.


A recent example  of this was bestowed to us from north of the border in the form of a special order Ferrari 458 Speciale, specifically painted up with Ferrari’s very own Azzurro Dino. Just as the name suggests, Azzurro Dino is a color which first made an appearance on the shapely 246GTs in the late 60s, honoring the death of Enzo’s son, Alfredino Ferrari. While rare in original form, Azzurro Dino has grown in popularity quite a bit over the years, finding its way onto more & more Italian stallions thanks to the Ferrari Personalization Programme.


This particular 458 Speciale arrived a few unique touches, one of which was immediately striking – bright yellow calipers. Not an obvious choice when spec’ing out a blue Ferrari, but like we said, it just works. Visuals aside, we had more pressing matters at hand. The Azzurro Dino Speciale was due for a thorough New Car Detail including a Total Coverage XPEL ULTIMATE PPF wrap over every inch of exposed paint, Prestige Film Technologies Spectra PhotoSync 75 window tint, and a treatment of Ceramic Pro Light.


Of course, there’s no point to protection without correction. Once the Azzurro Dino paint had been inspected & the Ferrari was assessed for condition, the guys set to work on an intensive 24-step hand wash   & clay bar decontamination.


After the initial hand wash was complete, any remaining surface contaminants were carefully removed with the light clay application. While clay bar can result in some very minor scratches, it’s an absolutely necessary step when prepping for a Total Coverage XPEL ULTIMATE paint protection package.


Even for a special order, the state of the Azzurro Dino paint job on this Ferrari wasn’t exactly pristine. Nevertheless, nearly any condition is correctable with enough care & attention to detail. With a foreseeable swirl solution in sight, the polishing portion of the 458 Speciale’s New Car Detail was a breeze.


Once the paint was looking perfected, it was time to get tinting. Similar to our favorite Stealth wrapped Ferrari Speciale of yesteryear, the Azzurro Dino 458 got equipped with the lightest stage of our top-tier window film option, Prestige Film Technologies Spectra PhotoSync 75. Aside from being nearly invisible to the naked eye & allowing for mass variable light transmission, Spectra PhotoSync 75 offers unrivaled protection from the UV spectrum as well as high levels of infrared & heat rejection. Thanks to its unique solar-activated topcoat, Prestige’s SPH75 even transitions a few shades in direct exposure to cut back on the glare without reducing outbound visibility.


After the window tint was all cured up, it was time to install XPEL ULTIMATE PPF over every possible surface of the Azzurro Dino bodywork. By utilizing custom components of digital patterns we created for the white STEALTH Speciale, wrapping up the blue Ferrari with maximized coverage in mind was no problem at all.


With all the XPEL ULTIMATE plotted & cut, our resident wrap specialist Tim worked away wicking out every bit of moisture from the Ferrari’s paint protection installation. Beyond industry-leading scratch and chip protection, ULTIMATE offers impressive clarity combined with a glossy topcoat that will add depth to any factory finish for years to come. In this case, the Azzurro Dino 458 Speciale’s special order paint job is protected by a manufacturer backed 10 year warranty using the most comprehensive full-coverage kit we offer.  For even more preventative protection, we also treated the Ferrari to a quick application of Ceramic Pro Light, our latest superhydrophobic coating offering. Just one coat of Ceramic Pro Light means this Italian stallion can be rode hard & put away dry with just a quick rinse to wash off any dirt or surface contaminants left behind by a spirited drive.


Of course, there’s no way we’d let this special Speciale slip away without first getting in a studio session. Much like bright red on a Lamborghini, Azzurro Dino blue isn’t exactly the first color anyone would expect to see on a Ferrari flagship unless they’re familiar. There’s no denying it’s a stellar choice that is sure to stand out on the road.


Topping it off with XPEL ULTIMATE & Ceramic Pro Light added the perfect amount of high-gloss shine for an even more dynamic paint finish, protection included.


The Speciale’s interior is relatively standard issue as far as a 458 Speciale goes, though there’s something to be said for the cleanliness of an understated interior paired with a bold exterior color choice. Inside, it’s a simple combination of neutral silver & black with just enough contrast stitching to make it pop.


Mix in a couple bright yellow prancing horses embroidered into the headrests, and suddenly the 458 feels that much more personalized, further separating itself from the pack of regular ol’ rossos.


Around the back it’s business as usual. Azzurro Dino cascades beautifully over the curves & bends of the 458’s shapely rear end with the dynamics of a metallic finish despite sporting no flake whatsoever. Much like Porsche’s Lava Orange, it’s one of those colors that’s destined to confuse a camera’s white balance regardless of make or model.




Even up close it’s next to impossible to spot where the XPEL ULTIMATE paint protection starts or stops, and it’s all thanks to a level of patterning that goes beyond what’s offered elsewhere. While we might not get to enjoy seeing this Azzuro Dino Speciale around regularly, we can rest assured knowing it’s fully protected from the elements.


A little yellow goes a long way. The complimentary nature of such a color pairing isn’t a scheme we see often on any sort of automobile, but in situations such as this it’s the perfect fit for a sporty look that’s a nice break from the supercar norm.



When delivery day rolled around, the weather wasn’t being as cooperative as the day the Ferrari arrived, so we were forced to load the car up straight from the shop floor. It would have been nice to see the Azzurro Dino shining bright in some afternoon sun, but here’s to hoping it will return for a refresher once things warm up a bit!

Own an auto with a unique paint finish that’s begging for proper protection? Don’t hesitate to contact us for details about a Total Coverage XPEL ULTIMATE PPF package of your very own or ask about the benefits of treating your car with Ceramic Pro protective coatings. Thanks for reading!


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