The moment hot hatch lovers have been waiting for has finally arrived: the Ford Focus RS has hit North American shores. In a way, it feels like we’ve been waiting since at least 2001. After getting snubbed on the MK1 version it’s hard not to be salty, but the latest RS is doing its best to help those memories drift away.

So what makes the new Focus RS so desirable? Well, for starters, it’s capable of some pretty fancy torque vectoring. With a trick AWD system & 350HP off the lot, Ford’s latest rally car starter pack has enough punch for a 4.6 second 0-60 with plenty of room for improvement.


That being said, its easy to understand why any new Focus RS owner would want the best for their little tire muncher. Here at NWAS, that means hooking it up with a fully customized New Car Detail including XPEL ULTIMATE paint protection, Prestige Film Technologies PhotoSync window tint, and a Ceramic Pro protective coating package!


Once the car was washed, clayed, and tinted out with PhotoSync, Josh set to work on the polishing portion of the Ford’s New Car Detail. The Nitrous Blue didn’t need too much attention, so a single pass was perfect for alleviating any minor surface blemishes before the XPEL PPF film needed to go on.


We were seeing double when it came time for installation. A second Ford Focus RS arrived in identical spec looking equally ready for a proper protection package. Where Full Frontal is sufficient for most vehicles, it doesn’t hurt to step up. Both of these Foci will benefit greatly from having additional film coverage on their A-pillars, rockers, and rear bumpers, providing extra shielding during any surprise gravel stages.


If you’re not familiar with XPEL paint protection, let us bring you up to speed. XPEL is an industry leader in PPF due to the product’s incredible clarity, durability, and its unique self-healing nature.


Once a car like the Ford Focus is wrapped up in XPEL ULTIMATE, its precious factory paint will remain chip & scratch free for years to come. Along with form & function, XPEL PPF comes backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty that also protects against defects like yellowing or fogging.


To keep the wheels & the rest of the exposed paintwork as pristine as possible, we also introduced the Ford Focus RS to a Ceramic Pro Silver coating package, utilizing application of both 9H & Light over the exposed paint work, wheels, and brake calipers.

For the uninitiated, Ceramic Pro’s Silver protection package is the perfect introduction to the benefits of superhydrophobic & quartz coating technology. Thanks to the sophisticated nature of Ceramic Pro’s top surface layer, dirt, grime, and other paint contaminants don’t stand a chance for sticking to the Nitrous Blue exterior. Plus, coating the wheels cuts out the possibilities of dust corrosion while making cleaning them a synch.


Under the studio lights, the Ford Focus RS’s paint job looks more bold than ever.  With the combined power of our New Car Detail package, customized Full Frontal XPEL ULTIMATE paint protection & Ceramic Pro, it’s destined to look this nice well after RS production has halted for good.


For such a formidable five door, the Focus RS is relatively understated the aesthetics department, and we’re okay with that. Despite the loud paint color, gaping grill, offset RS badge & beefier Brembos, there’s not a lot going on exterior-wise that would give away the Focus’s secrets. Arguably, you get more of the sleeper-effect with an RS than you ever would with the likes of a new STI or past Evo X. Undoubtedly, if you’re trying to test the limits of Drift Mode on surface streets, keeping a low profile could be very beneficial.


Given the Focus RS’s upgrade brake & wheel package, Ceramic Pro wheel protection was an absolute must. No one wants to see brand new wheels suffering from brake dust corrosion, and with the help of 9H, this Ford’s owner will never have to worry. The blue calipers will remain glossy and any build-up will wash off with ease!


Inside the Focus, the cockpit is relatively restrained in standard Ford fashion. The steering wheel is adorned with minimal blue contrast stitching & a small RS badge, while the rest of the interior remains relatively true to form aside from the supportive Recaros & 3 pedals on the floor. As you can see, Mike left a small die-cast surprise behind in the center console for the owner. After all, who doesn’t want a toy version of their newest toy?


Outside the RS, the fresh install of Prestige Film Technologies Spectra PhotoSync window tint worked wonders for giving the Focus a factory privacy glass look. With SPH35 on the sides plus SPH75 up front, this hot hatch’s interior is sure to remain cool, comfortable, and free of UV damage thanks to PhotoSync’s unrivaled temperature & solar rejection.


Around back, the Focus RS looks a bit more rally-bred with an enlarged-but-not-overbearing stanchioned roof spoiler. Dual exit exhaust is a nice touch, though as many auto reviewers have mentioned, we too wish it made a bit more noise. The Ford Focus RS sounds quite restrained when compared to the likes of our GLA45 AMG, but that’s nothing a set of straight pipes can’t fix!


Hopefully the immediate popularity of Ford’s newest Focus RS will show automakers once & for all that the United States is as ready as it will ever be for hot hatches of any variety…


That means you, Audi North America.


Outside the Focus RS’s Nitrous Blue exterior sparkled in the early morning sun. Between the Ceramic Pro Silver protective coating package, plenty of XPEL ULTIMATE PPF, and Spectra PhotoSync window tint, this little 5-door rocket is now adequately equipped to take on whatever the road may throw its way.

Expecting delivery of your very own Ford Focus RS soon? Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns about your latest acquisition!


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