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A brand new Mercedes S65 AMG receives the royal treatment at NorthWest Auto Salon, including XPEL Ultimate PPF, PhotoSync window tint, and Gtechniq EXO.


Here at Northwest Auto Salon we believe in providing our customers with a broad selection of window tint options to suite their needs. From the most basic aesthetic upgrade like Sun-Gard Shadow to top-tier film from Prestige Film Technologies, we’ve tested & selected every tint we install, so you’re sure to end up with a quality product & an installation that lasts. Have questions or having trouble finding the right film for you? Check out our window tint FAQs below & don’t hesitate to contact us with questions!


What is window tint?

Window tint is a transparent, often times darker, film applied to the inside of a vehicle’s window. There are a wide variety of window tint films available, but we only carry three. Prestige Spectra PhotoSync is at the top of the list in terms of quality and overall appearance, but we also carry SunTek CXP for less protective applications & Sun-Gard Shadow for clients seeking an aesthetic upgrade.

Why do I want tinted windows on my vehicle?

  • Decreases Heat Absorption: The baseline window tint we provide offers up to a 63% reduction in absorption of heat from the sun.
  • Added Level of Privacy: Tired of feeling like you’re driving around in a fish bowl? With window tint, it prevents prying eyes and people in rush hour traffic from peaking into your car.
  • Protect Your Interior: Due to the fact that our window tint blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, this reduces the possibility of fading on your vehicles interior over time.
  • Decrease Distracting Glare: Tinted windows are less susceptible to glare from the sun or other reflective objects.
  • Protect Your Belongings: Depending on the percentage of tint you have applied to your vehicle (we offer 35% and 20%), you’re windows will be much more difficult to see though from the outside while still giving you great viability from the inside.
  • It Looks Great! A darker shade of tint can enhance the aesthetics of any car.

How does window tint work & stay on?

Window tint is a self adhesive, polyester film, that is applied to the inside of a vehicles window using a wet installation process. This means that the window and film itself are sprayed with a water based lubricant which is then pressed out once applied the window. Window tint is made to reflect solar radiation but the amount of light and heat reflected depends on both the type and darkness of the film applied. Think of it as sunscreen for your windows.

I have heard tinting windows can cause issues with cell phone and GPS reception. Does your film do this?

No. Because we only use ceramic/carbon constructed window film instead of a metallic based, lower quality film, your cell phone reception will be unaffected by the installation of our window tints.

I've called several shops in the area and received cheaper quotes for window tint. Why is NWAS more expensive?

This is a question we get a lot. Our name is only as good as the work we produce, so we only offer the highest quality, ceramic, automotive, window films to our customers and handle every install with care. Many other shops that offer window tinting will quote you for an installation of their lowest grade film just to get you in the door. Not until you get there, do you realize that to get the kind of film you desire, you’ll end up spending more. We are transparent about the films we offer, install, and always price each application accordingly to the vehicle’s size rather than just off the cuff.

Can you install my own tint kit for me?

Nope. Unfortunately, if you purchase your own films and bring them to us for application, we can’t install them or warranty the work in any way. We’ll only install the films we offer in house, sorry!

How long does window tint take to install? Should I hang out for awhile?

Ultimately, installation timelines depend on the size of the vehicle & how many windows your vehicle has. On average, most installs for medium sized cars just take a few hours or less, especially if the vehicle is common or we’re doing multiples of identical installs in one day. We don’t advise waiting around, since some cars are trickier than others and occasionally, we’ll shoot “before/after” images of the installation. Besides, the more time we have to prep for a perfect delivery, the more satisfied you’ll be with overall fit & finish!

I just got my windows tinted. How long do they need to stay rolled up for?

We advise that you leave your windows rolled up for a minimum of 72 hours after having tint installed. Cure times can vary given humidity, temperature, and climate type, but it’s much better to be safe than sorry. If you would like, we can tape off a notch on your window as visual a reminder to not roll them down!

My old window tint turned purple & bubbled out. Is this going to be a problem with NWAS window tint options?

Discoloration & bubbling is typically the end result of film failure on multiple levels. Cheap films & DIY tint kits with no UV protection will fade over time, haze, or “splotch” with dye separation. Bubbles form underneath due to weak adhesion or complete adhesive failure, and can be a sign of a film that’s reached the end of its life span or even just improper installation. All the window tint films we offer are chock full of UV coatings & protective layers that won’t discolor over time or fade. Every brand of film we carry has been rigorously tested to perform well under high temperatures, and our adhesion techniques will stand the test of time.

Do you offer mobile window tinting service?

Sorry, we only window tint in-house. 

I see rainbows in my window tint when I have polarized glasses on. Is this a common problem?

We are quite aware of the concerns surrounding polarized lenses & window films that have been reported to produce a rainbow effect across the glass. After doing some real-world testing with a wide variety of sunglasses & the films we offer, the chromatic effect seems to be quite varied from lens to lens, and is highly subjective per individual. When wearing polarized lenses, people have noticed the rainbow effect with every window film on the market, so this effect is not limited to a particular film line. It’s worth noting that polarized lenses have been known to reduce visibility of in-car navigation, LCD touchscreens, digital instrument clusters, and things of that nature, so it might be in your best interest to find alternative eye-wear options if your vehicle is tech-centric to begin with. Additionally, you may notice “rainbowing” on headlight lenses, mirrors, and other plastic components while wearing polarized glasses simply due to the nature of the material used. Polarized glasses were originally intended for marine & aeronautical applications; given that many automotive manufacturers top coat most glass from the factory, polarized sunglasses have been known to cause issues even without window tint installed. Arguably, the protective benefits of installing solar adaptive film on a vehicle largely outweigh the aesthetic shortcomings some sunglasses produce.

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