CarDomain visits NWAS

CarDomain visits NWAS

From CarDomain:
“Yesterday John and I went over to hang out with Blake and the rest of the guys at NorthWest Auto Salon. As you can see below, they have some nice cars over there. That Ford GT was in Gumball this year—you may have seen the video of it doing donuts. With a Whipple supercharger and 715 rwhp, donuts come naturally. John and I both got ride in the car, and I can safely say it’s the fastest car I’ve even been in—stay tuned for more on that. Actually, stay tuned for more on all of these cars. That Carrera GT is no slouch, either.

So here’s the cool thing: in the coming weeks and months the NorthWest Auto Salon guys are gonna help us write up some detailed detailing tutorials. And these guys do it all, from basic hand washes all the way up to concourse level detailing. They also do paint correction, and have recently added full vinyl vehicle wraps, like the matte black wrap you see on the GT. We’re thinking a time lapse video of a vinyl wrap might be kind of cool.

NorthWest Auto Salon was recently nominated by the local NBC affiliate to be included in the “Best of Western Washington” in the Automotive Detailers category. They’re hoping to be get the top spot in that category, so help ‘em out and vote ‘em up! A ton more pics after the jump.”

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