A friend of mine and I drove down to California to pick up a new car for me, as stated in the title: 1995.5 Audi UrS6 Europa Blue with Ecru Interior with 160k Miles out of California which wasnt necessarily in the best shape when I picked it up but I was able to transform this beauty after a 1350 mile roadtrip/drive back up to Seattle. Click here for the whole detail writeup on AudiWorld (Lots of Photos Bandwidth Warning!)

-Snowfoamed initial grime off from roadtrip up here with Citrus Clear (their new snowfoam solution)
-Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II
-Chemical Guys Citrus Wash + Gloss
-Microfiber Chenille Washmitt

Wheels and Tires:
-P21S Gel Wheel Cleaner
-Bleche White Tire Cleaner
-Detailers Domain EZ Detail Brush
-Boars Hair Brush

Engine Bay/Door Shuts:
-P21S Total Auto Wash for door shuts and bugs on front end
-Eimann Fabrik Engine Cleaner
-Meguiars Boars Hair Brush

-Followed by CG’s Blue Claybar and Soap and Water solution (as I was out of CG’s Luber)

-Citrus based adhesive remover was used on lower rockers and rear bumper to remove road tar too large to remove with claybar

-Gloss It Extreme Cut & EVP w/White Wool Pad and 5″ Gloss It backing plate (1 pass at 2500RPM, followed by a jeweling stage w/1 squirt of Gloss Enhancer and 1200RPM)
-Gloss It Final Finish Beta & EVP w/White Foam Polishing pad and 5″ Gloss It foam backing plate (1500RPM and 1 squirt Gloss enhancer and 1000RPM Jeweling it out to a 100% swirl free finish)
-Zy*** HD Cleanse on all painted surfaces
-Zy*** Concourso 2-coats (Hand Applied)
-CG’s Microfiber Max to remove wax

-1Z Glas Polish

Before Pictures:

S6 Before

S6 Before

Paint Assessment Before

Paint Assessment Before


After Buffing and Polishing

After Buffing and Polishing

Zymol Concours Wax

Zy*** Concours Wax

Reflections :-)

Reflections 🙂

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