Roy called us and asked us to freshen up his Fly Yellow Diablo VT so that his customer would get to appreciate the full brilliance of the car’s paint. We spent about 3 days bringing this car back and we were delighted with the results.

It’s always a pleasure to have Roy’s cars in our shop and it speaks volumes about him as an enthusiast and a dealer that he cares enough about his inventory to give them proper love before they go to their new homes.

Here’s some after pictures as well as a more detailed description of the work involved:

Car was hand washed thoroughly using a boars hair brush to get in all the vents and to prep the doorjambs and engine bay with a diluted citrus based de-greaser, the car was then claybar’ed, it then received a 3 Stage Buff & Polish, and was wiped down before it received Swissvax Crystal Rock ($1100 Bottle of Wax) to all exterior painted surfaces. The rubber, trim and tires were treated with Swissvax Pneu, Wheels received a Swissvax Autobahn (A wax specially formulated for wheels to prevent corrosion under heat and other elements and protect from brakedust). Interior treatment included a 48-Hour leather rejuvenating process and Interior Detailing including carpet shampooing and hot water extraction. Overall, great results were accomplished with this car and we were very happy with it.

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