A customer as well as fellow Audi enthusiast recently had a good experience here at NWAS and decided to share his praise with us and others on QuattroWorld. With not only one, but two posts. I have been compared to a dentist and a forensic scientist in regards to my detailing in the past few days. Its funny what people come up with when they understand how DETAILED we really are here at NWAS.

Read his posts HERE and HERE.

From his posts:

“He’s like a forensic detailer. It was like watching an episode of CSI live as we walked through the car together… Watch out if you have ANYthing embarassing / illicit in/on/NEAR your car… he’ll know:

“Here’s where the clear coat is raising up… see those spots? Yeah, whatever those drips were… they were REALLY tough to get off. You’re glad you brought it in when you did. Who knows what that was? Some sort of animal fat, or grease? Some protein of some sort”

“… and see this over here…? This dent is from when you and your yeehaw friends did your own Valentine 1 hardwire install.. nice work”

“… and see this? This is where you …. ahem… missed”… ok, that last one isn’t true… but you get the point.

Thanks Blake! Click for another story… best compliment ever to you and your team on a 9 year old car!”


“Got the car detailed yesterday at the Northwest Auto Salon here in Seattle.

My car is not a garage queen… She is not abused, but not babied. I knew I was going to get a major detail at the end of the summer… so I kept letting her get dirtier and dirtier after weekend after weekend of fun.

It took 10 hours, and car came out amazing (pics to come)…

Last night I played poker with some pals.. as we all leave: “Rob, did you get a new car?”

Car is almost exactly 9 years old… 78xxx on the odo.

Kudos to Blake and team.”

Heres two pictures I took and posted to Twitter while his car was here at the shop:

In Progress

In Progress

All finished up!

All finished up!

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