Recently had a customer bring us his V10 Audi R8 in Ibis White from Portland for our detailing services as well as a full hood/fender installation of VentureShield. After his trip here I was happy to see he wanted to share his experience with others.

From his post on R8 Talk:

“I must report that I have had a terrific experience having my new V10 detailed and the VentureShield applied this past week! I was treated like a King! And that was a new experience for me. I’m not one to rave very often! So please take this recommendation as being from my heart.

If you live anywhere in the North West US, you MUST get your car treated at the N.W. Auto Salon ( in Seattle! They can do anything and can make any car look new. They use every type of procedure needed to prepare your car for sealant and waxing, and preparation for the VentureShield application. The guys who work there are true artists with a car. I saw several cars being beautified and babied. They treat each car as if it were their own.

I am so impressed with their work that I can only recommend it to everyone who has any nice car that they want to preserve. They are full service and will even come down to Portland occasionally if there is a group of us who want our cars detailed at one sitting. As our cars go through the Winter, they will need a Spring detailing. If we get together, we can get the guys to come down and do a “Spring Cleaning” for us. What a terrific deal that would be. All of us in the Portland area should talk about this and make some plans for the Spring!

The only thing that they don’t do down in Portland is the VentureShield as their installer is a Seattle guy who sub-contracts the work for them. He is phenomenal. Come over and see my car. It is white/black and he did the full hood, all the side ridges and panels, and front end, including the blades. You could not tell it is there. I am just so thrilled with the job.

So if you want to be treated like a King too…..get you car worked on at this place! You won’t regret it.


Check out the post on R8 Talk yourself here.

Heres a picture from our Twitter update the day we recieved the car, Stay tuned for more pictures soon in our Audi Gallery.

Getting ready to be washed up

Getting ready to be washed up

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