It’s official: King5 Evening’s Best of Western Washington is upon us, and nominations are just starting to roll in.  King5 is switching things up a bit this year with a more refined voting platform & slimmer category selections. In the past, we’ve been lucky enough to bring home the gold for “Best Detailing,” but this time around, we’re gunning for “Best Car Wash.”

Best Car Wash in Western Washington!

Our history of excellence in the Detailing category of BOWW is something we’re very proud of.  We’ve built the brand’s foundation upon an offering of  top-tier car care services catered towards the Pacific NorthWest. If you’re unfamiliar or uninitiated, an introduction to NWAS often starts with our signature 24-step Hand Wash.

Best-Car-Wash-Best-of-Western-Washington-2016-Vote-NorthWest-Auto-Salon-10Despite getting overlooked as more of a casual Saturday chore, washing a car thoroughly & utilizing proper technique is fundamental to maintaining your vehicle’s appearance. Unfortunately for many cars, convenience tends to take precedent over care or quality, resulting in return trips to a “touchless” tunnel or fully automated dealership brush-pocolypse.  While speedy, the type of damage that often comes with an automated wash outweighs its ease of use.


Here at NWAS our Hand Wash process has been fine tuned to deliver the best possible result no matter what type of vehicle you bring to us. Typically, a standard 24-step Hand Wash takes about 40-60 minutes to complete in its entirety. We clean out all the nooks & crannies, rinse away any surface contaminants, and dry the car using a combination of compressed air and microfiber towels. Once it’s dry, the tires get treated to a shiny, no-sling dressing for added appeal. It’s a bit more involved than the average pay-n-spray, but that’s all part of what makes us a contender for the Best Car Wash in Western Washington!


Take it from the winners of “Best Detailing,” a proper hand wash is the first step towards maintaining a vehicle’s outward appearance. Regular hand washing is one of the easiest ways to keep your car looking its best all year long. When executed properly, a well-washed car becomes a foundation for long-term upkeep & practicing basic paint preservation.


If you’re familiar with the quality of car wash we deliver and you want to support us on our quest to bring home the gold in Best of Western Washington once again, remember to head over to the polls & cast your vote for NorthWest Auto Salon. Voting runs from September 19th to October 30th and we can’t win it without your continued support!

Interested in scheduling your personal vehicle to see if we’re worthy of winning Best Car Wash in Western Washington? Don’t hesitate to reach out & get on the calendar – space goes quick!



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