Smoker's Remedy Interior Detail


Have you recently purchased a used vehicle that was previously owned by a smoker? Trying to quit smoking, or want to help someone else kick the habit? We can help you get the smoke smell out of a car with no added perfumes. Our Smoker’s Remedy is specifically designed to remove all ash left behind from smoking, as well as eliminate the annoying odor left behind by smoking in a vehicle. 75 – 100% of fabric & airborne scent will be cleansed and treated, not masked with perfumes or fragrance-heavy products. This includes an Interior Plus, Ozone Treatment, HVAC Cleansing and a headliner dry cleaning.

Seats will only be removed for special circumstances. If you feel this is required, please mention this when your booking appointment. We recommend cleaning and conditioning leather seats every 4-6 months depending on mileage/vehicle usage, but further treatments can be scheduled at your discretion. Additional interior reconditioning may be necessary depending on the severity of smoke damage or continual use.



Augment any interior detailing service to allot extra time for specifics, or bundle it with an additional exterior service & cover all your bases.



Keep it clean! Add interior protection with Gtechniq. Prevent stains, bead spills, and maintain the look & feel of your interior for longer.



Don’t spend another day dirty. Shoot us an e-mail, or submit a request for a detailing consultation & lock in an appointment. Spots go quick!