“Busy” doesn’t even begin to describe 2013 for us here at the shop. Although we didn’t get out as much as we might have liked over the course of the last 12 months, the business is going strong & our reach seems to be growing larger with every passing day! In 2013 we expanded reconditioning options and treatments with new products & technology, started breaking fresh ground with dealer & corporate services, and really took our imaging game to the next level doing plenty of awesome cyclorama photo shoots. We have some interesting projects already in development for 2014, but for the time being, let’s take a look back on all the automotive awesome that we had the pleasure of working with over the last year!



NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2012 We started off in high gear with the first face-lifed Lamborghini Gallardo in the NorthWest that dropped in for a New Car Detail package & a Full Frontal paint protection installation. The latest & last iteration of the Gallardo is without a doubt the most aggressive looking yet, and although we weren’t too hot on the updated look at the beginning of 2013, we definitely see what all the hype was about now!

NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2012 A car that took our full attention early in the year was this Mitsubishi Evo 8 that was in need of some serious TLC. After taking plenty of abuse as a daily driver covered in scratches & swirls, the car came through for a comprehensive Enthusiast Detail & a new Premium clear bra kit.  Check out the write-up for plenty of great paint correction pictures & a few glamor shots.

NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013 Lancer EvoNorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013 Lancer Evo


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013

Of all the different color cars we worked with in the last year, the Blue Turquoise 993 was definitely a favorite for many of us at the shop. Despite limited ownership & living the garage life, this beautiful blue p-car wasn’t exactly in immaculate condition when she first arrived at NWAS. What resulted, was perhaps one of the most robust & complex reconditioning treatment packages we’ve worked up to date. But, after all, we don’t call it our Fanatic Detail for nothing! See the full spread for yourself.

NWAS fanatic detail paint correction rare Blue Turquoise 993 Fanatic DetailNWAS fanatic detail paint correction rare Blue Turquoise 993 Fanatic Detail


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013 One of the heavy hitter details of the year goes to the always elegant & insanely powerful Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse that came to town for the Chateau Ste. Michelle “Staycation” and E@RTC’s “Bugatti Day.” Similar to how our supercar trifecta occurred in 2012, the Veyron was dropped off in a low-profile fashion via Bugatti North America for a specialized detail package to prep it for the local show circuit & plenty of press time.

We might not have had all the time in the world to work on the Vitesse, but we definitely took tons of pictures to remember the experience by. Hopefully we’ll have the pleasure of shining up the latest & greatest from Bugatti NA in 2014 too! Check out the rest of the Vitesse in the studio here.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Detailed at NWASNWAS details Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013 In preparation for the 2013 Audi Expo at Griot’s Garage, QuattroWorld came through with one of our all-time favorite wagons for a thorough detailing. Knowing how viral one of our favorite “reposts” can go, we seized the opportunity and got this rare Avant into the cyclorama for a quick photo shoot to really show her off in all her all-wheel glory. It turned out to be one of our most popular spreads of the year, and even landed a brief spotlight on the official Audi USA social channels!

Audi RS4 Avant photos and detail NWAS QuattroWorldAudi RS4 detail and photoshoot NWAS QuattroWorld


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013 Another hot spread highlighted a duo of M-powered BMWs, complete with plenty of carbon fiber goodies, DPE Wheels, and Vorsteiner Aerodynamics. The XM5 & M6 came in together for a Premier Package and Fanatic Detail respectively; once we had ’em shining, we shot both in the photo studio for a run of composition edits. It was quite a combination that was well worth featuring on the blog.

Vorsteiner DPE Wheels BMW M6 X5M detailed photoshootVorsteiner DPE Wheels BMW M6 X5M detailed photoshoot


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013 Without a doubt, the biggest project of the year both literally & figuratively speaking had to be Clint’s epic Ford Raptor build. Styled similarly to the first Zombie Hunter Raptor we wrapped up back in 2011, this truck features some serious heavy duty off-road equipment from Addictive Desert Designs, upgraded & supplementary lighting systems, a beefy set of Fuel Hostage wheels, full coverage Xpel Stealth paint protection, Prestige Film Technologies PhotoSync tint, and most importantly: all black everything. It was a huge undertaking with installations of every variety imaginable – we couldn’t have done it without the support & assistance of all our awesome team members and associates!

Clint Dempsey Ford Wraptor ADD OffRoad XPEL Stealth paint protectionClint Dempsey Ford Wraptor ADD OffRoad XPEL Stealth paint protection


Beyond the monstrosity that is Clint’s #Wraptor, 2013 was full of wild wrap & vinyl customization projects for NWAS. We completed color changes on a handful of SUVs, covered a couple tuner cars both of the JDM & DTM varieties, protected supercars of both the petrol and electric persuasion, and even crafted a few instant classics that have already started to make a name for themselves around the web. Our installation schedule for 2014 is already starting to fill up, so if you’re looking to elevate the wrap game to new levels it might be time to get that inquiry in. For now, let’s take a quick look back at the highlights!


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013

One of our first full coverage color change vehicle wraps of the year was this Porsche Cayenne.  It came to us in factory fashion with a metallic black exterior, received an updated, matte silver finish with plenty of blacked out trim, badges, lights, and even a little bit of personalization. It was quite an involved install just given dis-assembly, wrapping jambs, and over-all surface area that needed to be covered, but when all was said & done, the look really came together beautifully.

Peep the full spread on the installation & a handful of studio shots for more on this matte masterpiece!

Porsche Cayenne Full Matte Silver vehicle wrap at NWASPorsche Cayenne Full Matte Silver vehicle wrap at NWAS


E30 M3 Matte Silver Wrap with Red Accents Another matte silver project we’re pretty proud of was the E30 M3 wrap with gloss accents. Playing into the EVO II aesthetic with red bumper tape & a few extra pieces for style points, we pushed the envelope for many E30 fanboys around the web when we let this one loose. It might have struck a cord with various keyboard warriors & M-Power purists who prefer to leave things be, but a little controversy can be a good thing! It’s bold, striking from any distance, and sure to spark conversation with BMW aficionados & random bystanders alike. Most importantly, the owner loves it!

Is it classic, classless, or just plain cool? Have a look at the total transformation & decide for yourself.

NWAS full vehicle wrap BMW E30 M3 matte silver red accentsNWAS matte silver E30 M3 full car wrap


Tesla Model S wrapped in XPEL Stealth While the E30 wrap drew a lot of water, one of our most viral productions of the year is without a doubt the “Stealth Mode” Tesla Model S. We’re big supporters of the Tesla brand here at NWAS, so when the opportunity presented itself to wrap up one with full coverage XPEL Stealth paint protection & black out every inch of chrome on the car for a look unlike any other Model S on the road, we jumped on it. It was a labor intensive install, but what resulted was an incredible fit & finish that’s now become one of our most requested paint protection/ vehicle wrap options. Since its debut, the Stealth Mode Model S has resulted in a number of duplicates for other customers all over the United States. We wrapped up an identical blue version for NBC’s very own Ato Boldon that ventured all the way across the nation to its new home in Florida, and just recently we finished up a 3rd blue Stealth Mode Model S for a client in California.

It’s spread to handful of Tesla forums, enthusiast sites & blogs, but in case you missed it, check out the installation montage below & the full write-up for plenty of studio shots.

NWAS Tesla Model S vehicle wrap in satin XPEL Stealth paint protection filmNWAS Tesla Model S vehicle wrap in satin XPEL Stealth paint protection film


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013 After spending a couple years looking like the fastest piece of milk chocolate on the road, it was time to change up Cats Exotics Murci SV with something a little more suitable for Lamborghini’s 50th birthday. As soon as we saw the announcement for the LP 720-4 50° Anniversario, we knew what had to be done. It was time to transform the SV with a color scheme to fit the bill for the future! Utilizing a bright, matte yellow that’s about as close to Giallo Maggio as one can get, we transformed the SV with plenty of contrasting black accents to echo back the updated aesthetics of the Anniversario edition. The change sparked a little bit of opposition between fans of the original brown & gold and everyone who was for the updated look, but overall it was pretty well received. Cats likes it so much it’s held the spot for their facebook profile image for nearly 6 months!

Cats Exotics Murci SV snow dayCats Exotics Murci SV snow day


Toyota Supra Turbo Matte Red Wrap In the JDM spectrum of wraps this year sits another one of our favorite installations, the Supra Turbo we completed before Hot Import Nights 2013. It was a simple color change from factory gloss red to a custom matte carmine red, but the refinished really complimented the car’s shape, and helped show off that iconic Supra shape that tuner fans love so much.

Click through for the full story on the installation & a handful of images of this boosted bad boy in our cyclorama.

Hot Import Nights Toyota Supra Matte red wrap by NorthWest Auto SalonToyota Supra Matte red wrap by NorthWest Auto Salon


Rosso Efesto Aventador Full Coverage Paint Protection Some car fans probably feel like a red Lamborghini is a little bit of sacrilege, but any historian of raging bulls may respectfully disagree with you. One of the most beautiful hues we had the pleasure of protecting this year belongs to the only Rosso Efesto Aventador in the United States. It’s a paint option that has almost elevated itself to a level of mythology, with many fans feeling it was lost to time with the death of Rosso Vik, but fortunately enough Lamborghini has revived this lustrous vermillion and continues to offer it in limited availability. That being said, it seemed necessary to ensure its preservation and wrap the entire car from end to end in XPEL Ultimate paint protection! To complete the package, the Aventador also received Prestige Film Technologies PhotoSync window tint, and got to spend a little bit of extra time in front of our lens. Check it out!

Rosso Efesto Lamborghini Aventador wrapped in XPEL clear bra paint protectionRosso Efesto Lamborghini Aventador wrapped in XPEL clear bra paint protection


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2012Easily the wildest vehicle wraps of the year had to be the full XPEL Stealth & blue Conform Chrome installation we hooked up on this 2001 Viper GTS. It was a tricky install to make both films cooperate as seamlessly as possible, but we managed to pull it off without a hitch! The viper even received a set of updated blue chrome badges for the fenders & rear bumper that we carefully digitized from the original pieces. The satin yellow & blue chrome are quite the contrasting combination, but it feels right at home on the GTS.

XPEL Stealth & Blue Chrome wrapped Dodge Viper GTS


With such a wide variety of incredible automobiles that came through NWAS for one reason or another in 2013, it was hard to even pick & choose what would make the cut for the website. We try to keep posts fresh as per what we’re working on, but timelines overlap and sometimes stuff just ends up on the cutting room floor. It happens, and priority usually goes to what’s current or trending. There were plenty of cars we wish we could have featured but couldn’t, a few that we’re still planning on spotlighting, and some that may forever be lost to the archives. At any rate, here are a handful of highlights that we captured that were definitely worth their weight in megapixels.

Right before the 2013 shot-clock ran out, we were graced with a late night visit from this local Nissan Skyline R32 that was on its way to a new home. Blake stayed late to give it the VIP treatment, and our friend Landin even dropped in to shoot this sultry, suds-filled send off!



NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013Our first adventure of the year kicked off with a quick trip down to Scottsdale, Arizona for the Barrett-Jackson auto auction & expo in early January. It was quite the commemorative year for Barrett, with the sale of the very first 2014 Corvette Stingray, the original Batmobile crossing the blocks, Clark Gable’s 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe & a handful of other iconic automobiles going up for new ownership. We had a good time shooting every piece that rolled through the staging area & stage, navigating the crowds, people watching, and enjoyed a quick break away from rainy Seattle.

If you’ve never had the chance to experience all that is “Barret Jackson,” take a quick glance through our event coverage to get a feel for it. We’ll definitely be back to see what the hype is about in 2014!

NorthWest Auto Salon Barret Jackson Arizona 2013NorthWest Auto Salon Barret Jackson Arizona 2013


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013 2013 also marked the 6th annual “Red Square Charity Car Show” benefiting PAWS!  It was a blast organizing the event with Cats Exotics & Sig Ep, we got to shoot a killer video of the event complete with drone footage courtesy of Shifted Cinema, and even raised a big chunk of change for a great cause. Food trucks were on hand to serve refreshments, the weather was perfect, and the turnout was the highest on record so far. We’re already putting the gears into motion for the 2014 Red Square Charity Car Show, so if you want to participate or be involved, keep an eye on the RSCS facebook page for announcements & opportunities! Oh, and in case you missed out, check out the video from RSCS 6 for all the highlights.


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013Exotics@Redmond Town Center in 2013 might not have been as frequent as some of us may have liked, but the turnout for the inaugural meet was huge in 2013. As luck would have it, the guys over at StanceWars had also planned a “small” impromptu get together down at Golden Gardens, so we made the rounds & enjoyed a Saturday that featured a wide variety of everything automotive the PacNW has to offer! We brought the Riv out to RTC, snapped a few pics, grabbed some coffee, and jetted back to the shop to swap cars before making our way down to GG for the fiasco that was unfolding.

Exotics at Redmond Town Center 2013 Opener Ferrari Enzo StanceWars Golden Gardens MeetExotics at Redmond Town Center 2013 Opener StanceWars Golden Gardens Meet

As soon as we arrived within a 5 mile radius of the StanceWars meet, it was all slammed everything as far as the eye could see. Traffic lined the streets both to & from Golden Gardens, the parking lots were full to the brim, and police were making their presence known. We saw a lot of variety & even one low-speed spill from a motorcyclist who was attempting to show off for the crowds. It was so massive we kind of have a feeling it might never happen again, but if it does we’ll definitely be there ’till the crowds disperse!

If you didn’t manage to make it out to either event or just missed out on E@RTC & StanceWars all together, take a quick look through the coverage to see what all the hype was about.

Exotics at Redmond Town Center 2013 Opener StanceWars Golden Gardens MeetExotics at Redmond Town Center 2013 Opener StanceWars Golden Gardens Meet


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013 One of our favorite adventures of the year definitely had to be rolling out to Griot’s flagship store in Tacoma with the fam from QuattroWorld.com & Achtuning. Prior to the Expo, we had the RS4 in for an extensive Connoisseur Detail, cleaned up the satin wrapped R8GT, and hooked both cars up with some new branded window banners just for show! Once everyone had met up at the shop, we formed up a convoy with the Spina² CC & hit the road to capture some crazy rolling shots & enjoy the sun with some of our favorite four-ringed monsters.


Audi Expo 2013 Griots Garage NWAS QuattroWorldAudi Expo 2013 Griots Garage NWAS QuattroWorld

There was quite a variety of Audi’s finest on hand, a DJ spinning some cuts & plenty of grub available from Buns on Wheels. It seems like the Audi Expo has already grown quite a bit since the first year we attended, and we’re definitely looking forward to showing up in full force again next year. Perhaps a proper cruise to & from is in order? Only time will tell…

Audi Expo 2013 Griots Garage NWAS QuattroWorldAudi Expo 2013 Griots Garage NWAS QuattroWorld


We’ve been doing our best to promote all of our projects via various social channels over the last year, and since the 2012 report, we’ve experienced pretty significant growth! After 12 months of utilizing various hashtags & memes, short-linking, and experimenting with a variety of platforms, we have a pretty solid grasp on what to post, why to post it, and where to post in order to achieve maximum exposure. Beyond that, we’re doing our best to maintain consistency in post quality & frequency, which can be difficult at times but is a vital component to crisp, clean brand representation across the digital board. If you’re just getting to know NorthWesst Auto Salon, we highly recommend that you check out one of our various pages below for a peek in to what we work on day-to-day, various long-term projects, and even a little “behind the scenes” action!


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013 We’ve grown our instagram feed quite a bit since our first picture, now pushing up 4k+ fans and over 1,000 posts. Judging from the summary below, it’s pretty easy to see that we’re all about that #nofilter business, and 2013 was a year for Audi on IG! Even though instagram is technically a “mobile only” platform, we’ve taken to utilizing the same full-res imagery that we produce for facebook, our write-ups, and other web media simply for the sake of continuity & quality control. Purely organic growth is something we strive for on all our pages, so if you like our work or the pictures we post, feel free to share, re-post, and hashtag accordingly! We try our best to keep tabs on who shares what via instagram, but be sure to hit us with an @ so we can give it the old double tap.

Follow NWAS and check out our profile page for even more updates and behind the scenes action as we kick off 2014 & head back to Scottsdale for Barrett Jackson!


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013 The NWAS facebook page also had a pretty good run in 2013. Around this time last year we were hovering around 8,200 fans, and since the prior Year in the Rear View, we’ve jumped by around 10k likes alone! Our content has been picked up & shared by blogs and fan pages both big or small, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the warm response our content continues to receive. 2013 highlights include plenty of love from QuattroWorld, a brief spotlight on Myron & the RS4 Avant via Audi USA, post ‘likes’ from a handful of manufacturer pages, and TONS of comments from around the world. We’ve been relying on web translators more & more these days as fans from all over the EU & Middle East shower us with praise and plenty of endorsements to franchise the business abroad. We love hearing from people regardless of location, deciphering comments & critiques, and always appreciate feedback of all varieties, so feel free to  chime in whenever something strikes you and we’ll do our best to respond in real time. Embedded photo comments & “reaction” images are definitely appreciated, and the page is always open for messages, reviews, or just sharing something with us that you though we might like – don’t be afraid to interact in any way you feel comfortable.

One of the most popular posts on FB this year also belonged to Audi, and reached over 60,000 users. By comparison, just take a look at how much traffic Audi USA pulled down on the image of Myron detailing the RS4!



Whether you like it or not, Google+ is quickly becoming a necessary staple in any social media arsenal. While our posting might not be as frequent as our more popular channels, we’re slowing beginning to migrate more & more content to the G+ network and grow our fanbase. It might not be as popular as facebook is for some, but G+ definitely has its perks when it comes to putting a small business on the map.

If you haven’t plus’d us up yet or added us to your circles, please do so. We’ll continue to update our Google+ account with new content as 2014 progresses, and perhaps even feature some vehicles there that don’t find their way to FB or IG first.


Another highlight of unsolicited promotional efforts was a neat feature we were given in the Seattle Times and via their online nwautos blog! The article is pretty short & sweet, but it includes some interesting Q&A about the vehicle wraps we produce, hypothesizing about the current state / future of wrap film technology, and a few of our favorite projects from throughout the years. We received a lot of inquiries about wraps after the piece went live & into print, and it was a nice spotlight to be under. Give it a read if you if you haven’t already!



If there’s one thing we’re known for BESIDES cars, it’s our now mildly internet-famous shop dogs! One of the most random spotlights of the year came from our new found friends at Purina, who were excited to share our pet-friendly work environment with animal lovers everywhere. They wrote up a wonderful piece about the shop, all of our dog supervisors, and even sent over a big basket of treats for the pups to enjoy during their off hours.


Another highlight of unsolicited promotional efforts was a neat feature we were given in the Seattle Times and via their online nwautos blog! The article is pretty short & sweet, but it includes some interesting Q&A about the vehicle wraps we produce, hypothesizing about the current state / future of wrap film technology, and a few of our favorite projects from throughout the years. We received a lot of inquiries about wraps after the piece went live & into print, and it was a nice spotlight to be under. Give it a read if you if you haven’t already!


In micro-blogging news, we re-launched a tumblr account near the end of 2013. It’s another outlet for us to feature some of our favorite images & popular pics from around the shop, a great resource for publishing mini write-ups, and a nice tool for interacting with fellow automotive bloggers. We haven’t pushed much content to it yet, and we’re still examining how we want to utilize the platform, but have a look & give us a follow if you’re an avid tumblr!


When exploring the world of metadata, their is only one place to see it all. That place is #tagboard. Earlier in 2013 we registered our own #northwestautosalon board and began watching the posts flow in. It’s a simple concept, really. Use #northwestautosalon in a hashtag, and boom! There it is on our tagboard. It’s a pretty neat platform pioneered by some of the brightest minds in the industry, and they’re making big moves for themselves already. Giant tagboard installations have been spotted at a number of sports games, car shows & corporate events already, and it seems to be the go-to way to display interactive media in real time from nearly every source imaginable.

Go comb through our #tagboard for yourself, and see what all the hashing is about.


While we might not have released as much branded merch in 2013 as some of you may have liked, we did to some serious expanding to our selection of services to better serve our clients and associates with only the best in automotive care & preventative protection. It’s a lot of work to stay on top of it all, but always upgrading and improving our lineup ensures that we continue to produce a higher standard of auto detail!



One of the biggest product integrations of our year was without a doubt the introduction of Gtechniq to our car care regiments. While we’re only beginning to coat the surface of everything Gtechniq products are capable of, the future seems bright for hydrophobic nano technology. If that sounds like a lot of science to you, that’s because it is — Gtechniq has revolutionized the way we think about coating & sealant products, offering a solution to protecting and preserving everything from exterior paintwork or trim pieces, to interior fabrics, vinyl, leather, glass, and nearly every type of surface imaginable!

Want to see the power of Gtechniq for yourself? We are now offering an assortment of Gtechniq coating treatments for every application you desire, which means less money spent detailing and correction, plus a cleaner car for longer periods of time in between routine care! We’re one of the few Gtechniq installers in the whole Seattle area, so if you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of this extraordinary coating check out our Gtechniq Services page to learn more about the wide variety of options to find the right care package for your vehicle.

Already familiar with the power of Gtechniq but running low on the magic formula? Stay stocked up via our webstore!


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013

After a few years of offering a variety of window tint films based on customer requests and experimenting with which products both looked & functioned the best, we honed down our film selection in 2013 and revamped the way we take care of tinting. Now, we’re working with a selection of 3 different films at three different tiers of pricing and performance!

window tint for TeslasPrestige Spectra PhotoSync Window Tint installed on Tesla Model S

Entry-level dyed tint is available in the form of Sun-Gard Shadow 20 & 35, mid-range ceramic window film is available in SunTek CXP Carbon 18 & 35, while the top-of-the-line spot is reserved for the full range of the world’s only solar adaptive window tint, Prestige Film Technologies Spectra PhotoSync. PhotoSync comes wide rage of percentages, including 35, 45, 55, 65, and 75, the highest of which is nearly invisible to the naked eye! With unmatched total solar energy rejection, insane UV/IR protection, a transitional appearance that reacts to sunlight, and incredible clarity, PhotoSync will make you forget all about the fishbowl lifestyle. In its darkest form, PhotoSync has just the level of shade & privacy many drivers desire, while at 75 it’s almost completely transparent and perfect pano roofs or anyone wanting an “au naturale” look without compromise! No doubt, Spectra PhotoSync is the most advanced window film on the market. It’s growing in popularity with many of our Tesla customers, and we’re proud to be only Spectra PhotoSync installer in the Pacific NorthWest.

Check out the installation spotlight we featured on our blog with this beautiful black Model S, or click through to learn more all about our 3 tiers of tint!


Yellowing Porsche Rock Guard replacement clear bra fixPorsche Cayman clear bra rock guards

2013 was a big year for paint protection here at NWAS, with too many full coverage Tesla wraps to count, and more inquiries about Stealth paint protection than ever before! We welcomed one of the most talented installers in the country to our team, and have begun advancing our knowledge of paint protection & full coverage vehicle wraps to new heights with the latest in digitizing technology. Although it’s more time consuming, the digitizing process is giving our clear bra kits an edge up on the competition thanks unmatched accuracy and appearance both in fit & finish. Ultimate & Stealth PPF have proven themselves to be incredible products for many of our clients, not only offering relief from the ugliness of aged, discolored and muddled films, but providing great scratch resistance & self healing qualities that can only be found in the XPEL product line. XPEL not only looks better & lasts longer, but it also comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. We’re proud to be an exclusive XPEL Ultimate installer, and the difference is clear – just have a look at the brand new rock guards we installed on this Porsche Cayman below!

Yellowing Porsche Rock Guard replacement clear bra fixyellow fender flare fix Porsche 911

Much like “chrome delete,” “Steath Mode” is becoming a household name for many wrap enthusiasts & installers alike. The latest generation of XPEL Stealth offers up the same self-healing qualities as Ultimate PPF, but sports a beautiful, silky-smooth, flat finish that will turn any factory paint option in to a pearlescent show stopper. Every application we’ve completed, we love the look of, and and we’re excited to help pioneer a satin future for vehicles of all varieties in 2014!

NWAS Tesla Model S vehicle wrap in satin XPEL Stealth paint protection filmNWAS Tesla Model S vehicle wrap in satin XPEL Stealth paint protection film


NorthWest Auto Salon Year in the Rear View 2013

Due to growing demand & popularity of our Ford Raptor build projects, 2013 marked the first year of NWAS venturing out into the world of specialty equipment installation & sales. Since so many people have asked us about the different custom bumpers, grill guards, and other off-road equipment that we hooked up for projects like Clint Dempsey’s satin wrapped monster, we decided to bridge the gap of traditional car care & auto salon services to expand our reach into the aftermarket with one of the best off-road parts manufacturers around, Addictive Desert Designs. From here on out, we’ll be the exclusive source A.D.D. Off-Road equipment in the NW!

What does this mean for the future of NorthWest Auto Salon as a whole? We’re expanding into new fields & looking to bring on even more of the industry’s top brands & manufactures to give our clients the best selection of aftermarket and performance equipment that they could ask for. Unsure about premium wheel options for your new car? Shoot us an inquiry for some advice. Need a roll cage or some rare racing buckets? A higher standard of modifications are just an e-mail away. Looking into active aero or want the latest in carbon fiber goodies to simplify & add lightness to your track ready racer? We’ll handle the heavy lifting, you worry about never lifting.



As we move in to 2014, we’re also beginning to grow our dealer services across the board. Beyond the standard fare of New Car Details, XPEL paint protection, Gtechniq coatings, window tint & vehicle wraps, we’ll be adding a few more specialty services for independent shops and privately owned dealer networks across the greater Seattle area!

Additional Services will include:

– Inventory photography & studio spreads for premium or priority vehicles

– Gtechniq care packages & dealer kits for new vehicle owners

– Content cultivation for promotional use in web, print, sales, social media, and more

– Customized & one-of-a-kind vehicle wraps for courtesy cars, clientele shuttles, or show room display

– New dealer & bulk pricing options for New Car details, paint protection packages, and more

– Specialty equipment installation

– Personalized stripes, graphics, and die-cut vinyl packages for easy resale

If you’re interested in joining our dealer network or would like to find out more about specific dealer services, feel free to shoot us an inquiry & we’ll get the ball rolling.



2013 was incredible year for growth here at NorthWest Auto Salon, and we can’t wait to dig deeper into 2014. It’s been an eye opening experience for us to work on so many wonderful vehicles, and we couldn’t continue to do what we love without awesome clients, friends, and fans like you. Thanks for the continued support & let’s make 2014 one for the record books!

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