Upon becoming the unfortunate target of a rather large bird dropping recently,  Cats Exotics Jaguar F-Type S was in need of some serious help. While this sort of thing is quite common when parking outside, it’s always best to act fast — with a little wet sanding as part of our Cut & Compound spot correction, bird-etched clear coat can be easily remediated.


Preparing for the worst, Blake quickly masked off the car isolating the etched area of clear coat on the F-Type’s hood.


It’s crazy to think that only about 48 hours had passed since the bird droppings landed on the Jaguar. If it were left to bake in direct sunlight much longer, the etching damage might have called for a complete hood respray.


Getting down to business, Blake began wet sanding the area in question to a micronic degree, carefully re-leveling the etched portion of the clear coat.


Note the difference in surface appearance of the corrected area. If you’re not familiar with the process of wet sanding, abrading the clear coat to this point is quite normal. While it might seem a bit backwards to rough up a spot that’s already etched, wet sanding is an essential step to properly cut & compound out the damaged clear coat.


Once the etching was sufficiently leveled, it was time buff and polish out the area in question to bring some shine back to the clear coat while also swelling its surface to a naturally smooth finish.


With the area is all shined up, it’s next to impossible to tell the paint’s clear coat was even etched to begin with. Thanks to a cut and compound, the F-Type is looking as good as new with no signs of bird droppings to be found.


Ever wonder what an extra hour gets you when scheduling a detail service?  This Jaguar is the perfect example of what a little additional time spent can offer your otherwise well-kept car when it comes in for routine reconditioning. For more information on isolated spot correction, check out our cut and compound service listing, or feel free to reach out with questions you may have!

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