Summer in the NorthWest is in full swing. As the weather warms up, the convertibles come out. At a time like this you’d be hard pressed to find a better drop top to whip around in than Lamborghini’s latest Huracan, the LP 610-4 Spyder. A matte Bianco Canopus one, to be precise.


Upon arrival, the guys washed the Huracan up & clayed off any contaminants to get it prepped for PPF. Given the matte factory finish, vehicles like a Bianco Canopus Huracan Spyder are perfect candidates for XPEL STEALTH paint protection film. As many know, matte or satin paint options often cost a premium. While they look beautiful, the issues surrounding matte paint maintenance & risky resprays tend to be enough of a deterrent for most new car buyers. That’s where XPEL STEALTH comes in.


Even though the most common applications of STEALTH center around turning a glossy finish into a satin one, STEALTH also functions as the perfect product to protect an already flat paint job while maintaining its original appearance. Most of the time, people can’t even tell the vehicle has been wrapped once it’s done!


Positioning the Huracan Spyder in the install bay, Tim wasted little time getting every visible inch covered with XPEL STEALTH. Utilizing custom patterns, our Total Coverage PPF package offers unmatched exterior protection well beyond the reaches of Premium or Full Frontal PPF options. Along with the self-healing nature of STEALTH, XPEL’s manufacturer-backed warranty and a beautiful satin finish, Total Coverage PPF ensures the flat Bianco Canopus paint will stay looking the best it can for years to come.

Of course, no drop top would be complete without a little preventative care. Once the soft top was thoroughly cleaned of any lint & dust, we toweled off the freshly wrapped exterior & broke out the Ceramic Pro Textile. If you really want to keep your brand new soft top on the Spyder looking spotless in our rather unpredictable NorthWest climate, a healthy dose of Ceramic Pro Textile is just the trick. The super hydrophobic nature of Ceramic Pro Textile will ensure any water beads off the soft top with ease, repelling stains & wicking away surface contaminants in one fell swoop.


Satin finish cars always look stunning in the photo studio. The Huracan has been growing on us ever since our first STEALTH install on a Verde Mantis coupe near the end of 2014, and the Spyder puts another nail in the Gallardo’s coffin. It’s the kind of car that just asking to be a drop top, and with the roof folded back, this little Lambo looks all the more Riviera-ready.


While the installation isn’t documented, we also treated the Huracan Spyder to a combination of Prestige Film Technologies Spectra PhotoSync 75% & 35% window tint. The combined UV A/B, IR & heat rejection offered by a frontal install of SPH75 makes a windshield application a no-brainer for an exotic like the Lamborghini.


Have you ever seen a STEALTH wrapped car in Seattle & wondered if it was the work of NWAS? Well, there’s one surefire way to tell. It’s hard to spot, but on almost every Total Coverage XPEL install we do, a small brand mark is inscribed into one of the pieces of headlight protection film. It’s nearly invisible to the naked eye, but with a well placed light or a close lens, you can make it out clear as day.


Like the Verde Mantis Huracan from 2014, this new Spyder is sporting the same large “hooped” spoke style wheels, only finished in a glossy hyper silver instead of black. As nice as the factory finish is, it’s hard not to wonder what they might look like refinished in dark, satin gold à la the STEALTH 458 Speciale.


Inside the LP640-10, the cabin is chock full of the familiar fighter jet-inspired instrumentation & a bevy of toggle switches. Of course, no new Lambo would be complete without a weapons grade engine start button.


Around back the revised rear end & “speed humps” do a fantastic job of hiding any signs of a folding soft top, sloping up towards the roofline in a way that’s almost reminiscent of the Murcielago Roadster. Similarly, the contrasting vented engine bay lid is a perfect mix of Aventador aesthetic & an improvement upon the Gallardo’s slotted cover, bringing a bit more aggression to the Spyder’s back half.


All in all, this Lamborghini Huracan Spyder LP610-4’s XPEL STEALTH wrap came together beautifully. Thanks to the self-healing nature of XPEL paint protection, the owners can look forward to a worry-free summer full of cruising while the matte Bianco Canopus finish is safe & sound from whatever the road may throw its way.


With a little mid-morning sun peaking through the clouds, the Lambo’s new Spectra PhotSync 35 / 75 window tint combo would be put to the test on the Huracan’s trip home. Prestige’s SPH35 gives the side windows just the right shade of OEM-level privacy – no wonder its one of our most requested window tint films!


With a car as sleek as the new Huracan Spyder, taking the necessary steps early on towards maintaining the vehicle’s long-term value is an essential part of ownership. Now, thanks to the Total Coverage XPEL install, a Ceramic Pro Textile convertible top treatment and Spectra PhotoSync window tint, this Lamborghini is fully equipped with industry-leading  protection on all fronts.

Expecting delivery of your very own new or exotic vehicle soon? Hit us up with any questions or concerns you make have about vehicle wraps, XPEL paint protection, Ceramic Pro coatings, or anything else centric to new car ownership — we’re happy to help. Thanks for reading!

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