The first time we laid eyes on the Maserati MC SportLine was around 2010. The car ventured through the customization program, arriving complete with all the latest creature comforts, performance inspired components and plenty of carbon fiber. Fast forward a whole 6 years & two different protective wrap variations, and here we are – the very same MC SportLine that once received a VentureShield PPF install went back under the proverbial knife for a complete XPEL STEALTH overhaul.


As some of you may remember, the MC started out glossy with nothing more than a satin hood, roof, and rear trunk. Shortly there after, the entire car was wrapped up to include a few satin red accent pieces. With the film looking a little past its prime, it seemed only fitting to strip the MC SportLine bare & re-wrap it with the industry leader in satin finish PPF — XPEL STEALTH.  Combining a silky smooth finish with the same self-healing scratch resistant top coat as ULTIMATE, XPEL STEALTH is designed to stand the test of time while looking great doing it!


Once the old film was removed, our resident installer Tim had crafted the perfect fitting Total Coverage XPEL STEALTH wrap & set to work. If you’ve ever wondered how a satin finish like XPEL STEALTH compares to factory gloss, just take a look at how the light diffuses on the truck & door in the image above.


After the STEALTH installation was completed, it was just a short amount of time before we had the remaining trim pieces color matched & the wheels back from powder coating. While the components were being treated, we went ahead and installed the custom gold vinyl stripe pack to pull the look together.


Once all the bits and pieces were in place, we couldn’t resist getting the Maserati GT MC SportLine into the cyclorama for some proper glamour shots. The update might be a bit over the top for some, but we like to think it ticks all the right boxes. It’s tough to pull off a look that’s boldly lavish without coming across too ostentatious. Just a peek of gold here, a stripe there, and a wheel finish that’s right on the money.


Around the back, the focal point used to be nothing more than a single red diffuser stripe. Now, a glimpse of gold can be seen on the rear badging along with a matching gold lip that runs down the edge of the bumper valance.


A polished finish would have likely been too much, but the gold powder coated wheels show a nice blend of metallic & color depth to match the vinyl accents almost perfectly, and they’re an essential component to complete the look.

As crazy as it sounds, one of the trickiest components to cover on the car had to be the rear emblem. By taking multiple reference scans & carefully patterning the vinyl to land on the very top of the Maserati script, we were able to achieve a simple, unique badge update. Mixed in with the pinstripe, lip wrap & front gold trident, the Maserati MC SportLine has transformed once again.


From what we’ve seen, the MC SportLine is already been making the rounds out at Exotics @ Redmond Town Center and the response has been positive. While there was nothing wrong with its original off-the-radar style, the Maserati now exudes the type of presence that’s bound to turn heads.


Like the look we’ve achieved & want to do something equally unique with your own personal vehicle? We can help. Browse through our vehicle wraps section and be sure to read up on the benefits of a Total Coverage installation of XPEL STEALTH paint protection. The possibilities for personalization are seemingly endless, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation on how to turn your favorite car into something truly special.

Thanks for reading!

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