Typically when we hear “SV,” the first thing that comes to mind is a raging bull. Make no mistake, there’s a new SV in town, and it’s trading sheer veloce for voluminous luxury.

Derived from Jag & Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations, the LWB Range Rover SV Autobiography is reaching the pinnacle of high-profile people movers. It’s fully equipped to turn any commute into a first class travel experience. Thanks to a 550hp supercharged V8, this heavy hitting hauler will rocket you to cruising speed with relative ease.


While the Range Rover SV Autobiography can be optioned in a number of color combos & even spec’d with a unique split-tone exterior, the example that arrived at NWAS was finished in a dynamic Mescalito Black. Much like the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder that stopped through recently, the RR was in for a Stealthy transformation, including a New Car Detail, Prestige Film Technologies Ceraluxe Quantum window tint, and plenty of XPEL paint protection.


To start the SV Autobiography’s New Car Detail package off, we introduced it to our 24-step hand wash including clay bar paint decontamination. Hand washing is an important first step for any new car and the only way to handle a luxury vehicle like the LWB Range Rover. We take our sweet time when it comes to washing — every part of the vehicle receives equal attention with no nook or cranny left untouched. It’s a process, but delivering a quality result is the ultimate pay-off. After all, we’ve got to make good on our nomination for Best Car Wash in Western Washington!


Once the wash & prep was completed, the Range Rover took center stage. As with most vehicles that arrive fresh off the lot, our New Car Detail offers just enough correction to remove any unsightly wash scratches or minor swirls left behind by poor dealership handling practices. In this case, a single stage buff & polish was all the more necessary to further prep the SV Autobiography’s exterior for XPEL STEALTH paint protection.


Thanks to our New Car Detail package, the Range Rover’s exterior now shines bright with some new-found depth & showing a beautiful swath of metallics in the Mescalito black paint.


With the detail portion of the Range Rover’s visit was complete, we positioned the SV Autobiography in the install bay to get it situated for Ceraluxe Quantum window tint & XPEL STEALTH. Sparkling under direct lighting, the Mescalito Black has a warm tone somewhere between a deep wine red & burnt plum. Definitely the type of exterior finish that deserves industry-leading paint protection film!

As installation began, it was clear that the LWB SV Autobiography would be needing a metric ton of film to complete its new STEALTH full body wrap. All in all, the wrap was an undertaking akin to covering something like a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor with quite a bit of additional patterning involved to ensure a perfect fit. Each piece of the Range Rover’s new XPEL paint protection package was crafted with maximum coverage in mind, leaving no visible seams or edges exposed to the naked eye.


Upon completion, we slipped the Range Rover into the photo studio for some final glamour shots. True to form, the long wheelbase SV Autobiography lives up to its name – it barely even fit in the cyclorama! Tipping the scales somewhere over 5 thousand pounds, we’re guessing this Range Rover’s upgraded front Brembo brakes are for more than just looks.


With such a unique metallic finish like Mescalito Black, XPEL STEALTH paint protection is really the icing on the supercharged cake. Covering it in STEALTH brought out some of the deeper purple tones, flattening out the metallic Range for a finish that’s more akin to the car’s press photos. Trippy, indeed.


The Ceraluxe Quantum 33 window tint up front helps give the Range Rover a defined top half while offering ample shade that corresponds nicely with the factory privacy glass, gloss black pillars & mirror caps. Prestige Film Technologies continues to elevate the tint game with high quality films that provide the perfect amount of privacy, combined with industry leading heat, IR, and UV rejection. It’s a perfect window tint option for anyone seeking the best possible solution for keeping a OEM aesthetic without compromising on quality.


Inside the Range Rover it’s first class through & through. The cabin is chock full of amenities like the rear seat entertainment system, fold out laptop tables, fully adjustable captains chairs & adorned with plenty of luxurious finishes. If that’s not enough for you, it’s also got a beverage cooler, aluminum coat hooks, thick mohair floor mats – and the list goes on. Truthfully, the SV Autobiography offers enough of an executive experience in back that you might just want to consider hiring a driver.


Up front, the SV Range Rover is adorned with a grill that’s a mix of Graphite Atlas gray & polished chrome for a look that’s classy without getting too flashy. For added punch, silver grills flank the front fogs, with the lower insert adding an elegant touch to an otherwise minimal nose.

range-rover-sv-autobiography-new-car-detail-xpel-stealth-ppf-wrap-studio-rear-end-2Around back, the Autobiography also features an upgraded exhaust system capable of producing a more sonorous note than its predecessors. Of course, having that additional 40 horsepower & 41 lb. ft. of torque probably doesn’t hurt either.

If the sheer length of the Range Rover wasn’t enough of a tell for you that it’s more than your average luxury grocery getter, the unique trim & badge elements ought to paint the rest of the picture. Rumor has it the badges for the SV Autobiography alone comes with a down-payment sized price tag for those in need of a replacement or thinking about faking the funk.

range-rover-sv-autobiography-new-car-detail-xpel-stealth-ppf-wrap-detailing-studio-rear-qtrAll in all, the Range Rover SV Autobiography could be considered a bargain for Rolls Royce-levels of luxury & performance numbers more akin to a Porsche Cayenne. While it might not pack the same brand prowess as the former, the special Double-R has arguably more to offer for nearly a $100k less. Coupled with the lasting protection XPEL STEALTH PPF & high quality window tint from Prestige Film Technologies means this Mescalito monster is destined to a life of luxury for years to come.

Interested in the benefits of a New Car Detail package, XPEL paint protection, or the potential of Prestige’s Ceraluxe Quantum window tint film? Check out the linked service listings for more information, and be sure to reach out with any questions you may have in regards to preventative car care for your own personal vehicles.

Thanks for reading!

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